Choosing the preferred shade and the most suitable finish can give the house spaces a touch of personality. Essences, shades and finishes that transmit the warmth and prestige of wood, making the environments of your daily life comfortable and welcoming. Each surface of solid wood, veneered blockboard, multilayer and mdf can be finished with a glossy, opaque or open pore lacquer to enhance the grain of the wood.


Fir is a soft wood, of the resinous family. Its fresh wood is white and seasoning becomes pale yellow. It is a solid, elastic wood and is characterized by a substantial presence of knots. Usually it is used for rustic and exterior furnishings.



Maple is a wood from Canada, belonging to the dandelion family. The wood is pinkish yellow, very light with veins. It is a hard wood with a glossy and silky surface. It is generally used for modern furnishings, ideal for those who want to create an essential and unobtrusive environment.



Birches grow in Asia, North America and Europe. Birch wood is not weather resistant, it is difficult to handle and is therefore not suitable for outdoor use. Birch wood can also be used for veneer, for furniture and furnishing accessories in style minimal.



Typical of the low altitude mountain range present in Europe in the south and west-west. Extremely workable and long-lasting is appreciated in any craft industry and wood industry, from solid kitchens to exterior doors and interior doors.



It is a strong, hardwood wood. It is orange or red brown with veins, very hard and compact, with regular fibers. It tends to deform. The plinth is of precious furniture, used for the realization of fine and precious furniture. Its color remains unchanged over time unlike American cherry.



Easy to work as it is very solid and has a strong stability of shapes and sizes. The Douglas also referred to as American Spruce, similar to Larice, comes from the North American Forests, but has been cultivated in Europe for a long time. It is used for window frames, fixtures, interior furnishings and naval vessels.



It is a totally black, hard, heavier water, so it does not float. African species originating from Gabon, Cameroon, Nigeria, Zanzibar and Congo. It is used for lathe, inlay, special furniture. Black ebony is very much sought-after in cabinetry for the manufacture of furniture and furnishing accessories.



Beech is one of the most important tree species in European forests. It is not suitable for outdoor use due to its low weather resistance. It has a very slight bend, Its color is reddish and is used for furniture construction and furnishing.



Yellowish whitish color, more and more used in outdoor and indoor fixtures, and excellent for interior furnishings; It can be polished and polished very well, its woody structure allows an ``open pore`` brushing , a very special effect. Recommended for modern and linear furnishings.



Its origin is central Europe, it is a wood similar to red firmer but more valuable. It is very resinous, good looking, rugged and resistant to moisture.



They are huge trees growing in the Central African and Western rain forests. It has a color that varies from dark red to dark red. It is used mainly for boat furniture but in home furnishing it certainly gives a touch of class and uniqueness.



Tree of Eastern origin but very common in Italy and all over Europe. It has marked veins, it's hard and compact, fairly heavy but elastic. It is used for furniture and furnishing accessories, it lends itself to refined and valuable finishes.



Hardwood, characterized by high compactness and excellent resistance to stress. Provides an extremely compact hard core bond. It has a yellowish color that is darkened with darker lines and is pleasantly scented. Very good in ebanisteria, olive wood, provides great performance in inlay, in the construction of furniture and turned objects.



It has a brown-reddish color that tends to darken in the air. It has medium or coarse weaving with straight fiber. It is an average heavy hardwood. It is also durable in water. It can be back and carved, it is most used to build furnishing accessories.



Rosewood, brown with reddish streaks that tend to black, is a very hard and porous wood, thanks to its dense fiber can be finished and polished very well. It is used for very particular and precious furniture, made unique by the reflections of its colors. Ideal for modern environments.



Pear is considered a very precious wood. It is a strong wood of the deciduous family. The wood is very compact, heavy and has a strong resistance to the attack of the tarls. It offers excellent workability and does not splinter. The color is rosy-reddish.



Pine is a soft wood, very resinous and with some knots. Come to the family of resinos, and it is white-reddish. There are several qualities suitable for the construction of furniture: maritime pine, pine and the finest pine of Sweden.



Extremely present in northern Italy the Poplar tree is cultivated on plantations along the banks of the rivers because of its rapid growth. Poplar is the only Italian wood that manages to completely cover the internal consumption, used for the production of interior doors and interior furnishings.



The Oak is a majestic tree belonging to the genus Quercus, that is to the vast family of oaks. Known especially for its hardness, resistance and color uniformity, it represents the right balance between performance and sophistication. Recommended for the production of modern furnishings, fixtures and furnishing of precious furnishings.



Teak comes from Burma and Indochina. Very solid, almost inert to atmospheric swings and humidity, it can be used for naval construction and garden furniture of the highest quality. It offers modern interior furnishings of great value.



Light and soft wood and has a color that varies from light yellow to brown yellow with gray-green areas. It is used for interior decoration.



Wengè is a hard and compact wood, dark brown, particularly decorative. Coming from African tropical forests; used for the characteristic moka dark and homogeneous color in the realization of hi-tec furniture, modern and precious.


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